Monaro Design provided us with a professional looking website for a affordable price. They were very helpful and we are completely satisfied with the finished product

Matthew Kamrowski

Website Design & Development

In order to be successful on the Internet, a reliable website that's well designed and clearly thought out is necessary. Otherwise, you end up spinning your wheels when it comes to turning a profit and making your investments worthwhile. There are three things you need to accomplish in order for your website to be a success- you need to build it, you need to market it and you need to track it's performance. Due to our experience, education and ability, we can help you every step of the way.

Building Your Website

Building a website is more than just making it look pretty. It needs to be technically savvy and full of helpful features and programs that will help you to best highlight your services and products. Creating a successful website includes:

• A custom design to be drafted, without the use of cookie cutter templates.
• Features that will capture a reader's attention and bring them in for the long haul.
• A lead capturing system to help with residual income building.
• Website, email and hosting setup.
• A call to action that will get readers to do more than just read your content.

We can implement all of these things and more in order to make sure your website stands out from the crowd and becomes a success!

Marketing Your Website

With a well designed website to market, the only thing standing between you and making money are the visitors. Using our service allows you to easily get started with marketing from the get go. We will make sure your website is optimized for search engines; we'll get your site submitted to the top directories so you can enjoy a better page ranking, and we'll even send you emails that highlight effective ways of marketing your website.

Tracking Your Site's Performance

Google analytics is a great way to track the performance of your website without having to spend a lot of money or time doing so. Being able to find out who is visiting your site, when they're visiting, how long they stay when they visit and what pages they are visiting are all an important part of making money on the Internet. Without knowing this information, it's almost impossible to become productive, successful and profitable.

At no extra charge we are happy to install the analytics software for you and teach you how to effectively use it to your advantage. This will enable you to use the information in order to make better informed decisions as to how and when you will further market your website and therefore, your products and services.

Being able to trust someone to help get you set up is important, so we've made it easy on you. We can walk you through the entire process from beginning to end so you understand what is happening at every stage. We have done the hard work of testing, researching and testing some more to find out what kinds of designs, programs, content and software work the best for those looking to launch a new website that needs to be seen. Let us share our passion and knowledge with you!

Why delay any further? With the right website designer on board, your online business could really take-off!

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