I am now very proud of the new site and love to ‘escort’ potential customers to certain pages when I am explaining things. As almost 100% of our business involves the website, it was important to make it simple to understand, easy to navigate and tasteful.

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Redesign Your Website & Explode Your Sales

With more and more people logging onto the internet for the very first time every day of the week, the World Wide Web continues to expand at a phenomenal rate of knots. It is the largest single marketplace for both buyers and sellers alike anywhere in the world. This means that competition is constantly hotting-up, and if you aspire to be in the top echelon of successful online businesses, your website has got to be up to the job.

The fact of the matter is that new innovations and practices are being introduced so quickly that your website can soon become out of date. For example it may not be capable of screening video or transmitting live feeds. The coding that was originally designed in when the site was being formatted may no longer be applicable to the way that search engine spiders are now operating, or indeed what they are searching for. They may not even be able to crawl your website with ease.

So you need to carry out an honest assessment of your current website to evaluate its performance in light of modern day internet practice.

The questions you have got to ask yourself include:
 • Does your website look aesthetically pleasing?
 • Does it look professional?
 • Is it easy to navigate?
 • Does it download reload quickly?
 • Does it incorporate cutting edge technology?
 • Are the coding protocols up to date?
 • Is it search engine friendly?
 • Does it attract traffic?
 • Does it sell your products/services to your satisfaction?
 • Could it be improved?

Unless you can confidently say yes to all of these questions, the chances are that your website is underperforming, and this will be reflected in the level of business that you are doing.

Perhaps you don't feel that you can be objective enough, or maybe you do not having sufficient technical expertise to carry out your own website review? Well, don't worry, you are not alone. Thousands of website owners are in the same position, which is why there are a number specialist website design and redesign companies around who can step in to help. If you choose the right redesign service provider, they will do an honest evaluation of the current state of your website for free, and will report back on the ways that your site can be improved, and what you stand to gain from the improvements.

As well having your website redesigned and refreshed, ready to take on hordes of increased traffic, you may also need to reconsider your marketing strategies in order to optimize that traffic in the first place. It's all very well to have a cutting edge website, but if traffic isn't being directed there, it will not be given the chance to perform. This is precisely why the best website design and redesign companies will also be able to offer you quality marketing advice guaranteed to increase the flow of traffic.

When it comes to online marketing there are so many things to be considered that it can be quite bewildering, especially to the uninitiated newbie. Your website's content may not be quite right; you may not have the correct keywords and they not be fully optimized; your marketing campaigns may not be put together to maximize the best methodologies - the list goes on. But if you choose the right website redesign company, they will be fully au-fait with all of the latest marketing expertise and knowledge. They will be able to exploit current search engine criteria to your website's best advantage, thus helping to significantly increase its page ranking.

Why delay any further? With the right website re-designer on board, your online business could really take-off!

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